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What does an ambassador actually do?
Why do politicians lie?
How do I make sense of a public opinion poll?
Do we need the Electoral College?
Which politician has the most power in Washington?
Does NATO still matter?
What is the legacy of the Whig Party in American politics?

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Save the partisan potshots for cable news—we want to know about the political questions on your mind. 

Whether you’ve forgotten lessons from history class, you don’t know the background on a current news topic, or you’re frustrated that something’s just not getting covered in the media, we want to know the questions that are important to you. And then we’ll find just the right experts to answer them.

No question is too boring, too dumb, or too geeky (we happen to like geeky). 

Ask a question and we’ll enter you in a drawing to win a Kindle Paperwhite—and if we feature your question, we’ll send you a Politically Curious t-shirt!

Our Team

Allen McDuffee (creator and host) is a politics and policy reporter, investigative journalist, blogger and podcast host. Allen has been a reporter for The Atlantic, Wired and The Washington Post and his work has also appeared in The New Republic, The Nation and The American Prospect, among others. He has been awarded funding from The Nation’s Investigative Journalism Fund and has twice been a fellow at the Knight Center for Specialized Journalism. Allen is currently working on a book about the power and influence of think tanks in Washington and he blogs at governmentality, where he also hosts a podcast.

Emily Epstein White

Emily Epstein White (co-host) is a Philadelphia-based comedian, storyteller, podcaster and writer. She is a copyeditor for the news site Daily Kos and she has written for the Travel Channel and City Eats. As a standup comedian and storyteller, Emily has performed across the country, including the 360 Comedy Festival and the She-Devil Comedy Festival. She has been a semi-finalist on Helium’s Philly’s Phunniest and won the San Francisco Moth Slam with her story on winning over her new dog’s trust after an altercation with a wild turkey. She co-hosted, alongside her husband Elon James White, the daily news podcast I Haven’t Had My Coffee Yet on the TWIB podcast network.

Marc Faletti (producer) is an editor, producer, and writer. Most recently, he founded the multimedia program at Rewire.News, launching and producing a network of original investigative, storytelling, and analysis podcasts. He has also produced award-winning documentary shorts and edited a 2019 Eisner finalist for Best Digital Comic. Previously, his video and audio clients included Nike, Dell, AARP, and others. 

Marc Faletti